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28 May 2010 @ 04:46 pm
Baby There's A Shark In The Water  
Nope not dead! Just slowly lurking... lol. I have a huge hw filled week coming up so I thought I'd post now while I can ^^ Summer in 2 weeks though!! <333 Yes!!!

I haven't had a Degrassi post in awhile. So I thought I'd make one off theories and predictions based off the amazing season 10 promo!

Degrassi Season 10 Carnival Promo from NickPress on Vimeo.

Plus meet some newbies :3

1. Holly J as the ringleader: I think this one's pretty clear. Holly J is the top dog at Degrassi like she was in season 9 and will continue to be in season 10. Maybe we'll be seeing a lot more of her too since she's the one in the promo the most. Might make sense since she and Declan look to be getting the pilot in Season 10.

2. Riley vs. Drew: Oh Riley! As much as I love Riley's gay storylines it'll be nice to see a storyline with him and a different issue. I think this rivalry could be a really good thing. Based on the promo definitely looks like a rivalry to me. A rivalry of who's more manly at Degrassi, lol. I just wonder how poor Zane would play into this. I already like Ziley, but sadly I can maybe see them breaking up over this rivalry. Zane might not like that Riley's pushing to out beat Drew plus his temper might come back. Could play a role in that episode title Shannon (Zane) showed us, "Tears Dry On Their Own Part 1."

At least that's just a prediction. I can't help but feel that Zane will definitely play a role in this too though. I am happy to see Riley's old hair back though ^^

3. Adam: Adam is a transgender character. I think after that promo we all saw that coming though. I think Adam's a girl wanting to be a guy? I thought in the promo Adam was looking at the girl who society wanted him to be. But, some people seem to think that Adam's a guy wanting to be a girl. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm still very excited for Adam's storyline! Plus Jordan already looks like she's going to do an amazing job with this character.

Adam looks pretty young so I'm guessing he's a sophomore with Clare's grade? Wonder which character's he's going to interact with. The promo didn't really give us any hints for that.

4. Holly J & Sav: Some people saw this as Holly J and Sav becoming a couple. I didn't really though. I saw this more as Holly J has something over Sav. And she maybe threatens to tell him if he doesn't do what she says. I'd like to see this just because I kind of miss the old meaner Holly J. I don't mean she has to take huge steps back character development-wise. I'd just like to see some of her meanness again.

Also I wonder if Chantay plays a role in it too since she briefly appears in the beginning. Could the secret be about Chantay? Or perhaps Chantay also knows the secret like Holly J and their both tormenting Sav? I really wonder if she plays a role in it or not.

5. Bianca: "The Girl Who Makes Boyfriends Disappear." Currently the character I'm least looking forward too. Wasn't that character supposed to be Jenna last season? I really hope they give Bianca something more to make her different. Right now she just looks like Mia and Jenna's original purpose.

If she is making boyfriends disappear though I predict either Declan or KC. Why? Declan's not in the promo. Maybe she made him disappear. Plus doesn't a Holly J vs. Bianca battle sounds fun? XD Or KC because of the On Set video. Plus KC fades in the darkness and disappears from Jenna in the video. Would I want that to happen? In a way I kind of want Jenna to get a taste of her own medicine. But, I want KC to remain single for awhile. If they handle it well enough I think I can handle it.

6. Anya: "The Two-Faced Girl." I have no idea. Looks like we'll be seeing a new Anya this season. Can't really see why though. She seemed fine hanging out with Riley in 918. Guess something might happen to her to make her change. Wonder if it still has to do with Sav?

7. Jenna: "The Girl Who Doesn't Know Her Own Secret." Oh Jenna. I honestly am not sure what her secret could be. I'm guessing an STD or and I hope not a pregnancy. Please please do not be the later... I hoping it's something else completely that will surprise us all though. Anyone have any ideas?

Whatever it is though looks like it causes her to lose KC. *insert me dancing and cheering here* Best part of this promo it basically states that they are going to break up next season. KC's looking at her like she's got the plague. Does he disappear and go right to Bianca? Or hopefully just stay single and grow up a bit. I hope for the later, but this is Degrassi were talking about.

8. Fitz: Hi new school bully! Guess since Johnny's gone he'll be taking over this role now. Wonder if him pushing Leia out of the way has anything to do with it? Or if they just wanted to stick Leia in there again. According to Judy (Leia) it doesn't lool like Leia gets any a-plots, but maybe a b-plot. Whatever she does it doesn't seem like it'll be too important.

Fitz's new victims Dave, Connor and Wesley? I see some very entertaining b-plots with them next season then. I kind of hope Fitz gets some different plots though, same with Dave, Connor and Wesley. As entertaining as it'd be to see those bullying plots I'd also like them to play other roles too.

9. Clare/Eli: Hello favorite part of this video!! <3 I think this video definitely hints at something happening between them. Most likely them becoming a couple. Thus the lovers card and the looks they exchange with each other. I can't wait to see how they meet and become a couple. I really want to know more about Eli's character! I have a feeling I'm already going to love this pairing!

10. The Death Card: Of course this also adds an interesting spin. Words can't describe how happy I am though that it looks like Clare's getting a big storyline. Especially since it looks like Eli will also be involved. I have so many theories going through my head for this. Most of them connect to the lockdown which I'll mention later on.

For now I wonder if:
1. Eli is sick and dying :(
2. Eli tries to commit suicide. He could success or fail. I'm not your which. I feel like they wouldn't kill of a new main character that quick, but I think they probably want a real suicide plot soon. I really want him to stick around though.
3. Someone close to Clare dies
4. Clare and/or Eli have a brush with death. (Could tie in with the lockdown)

I'm hoping it's either 3 or 4. Maybe 1 thought that'd be really sad :( Really can't wait for these two though!!

An interesting note that someone mentioned is that on the lovers card there's a horse next to the lovers. Then a dead one in the Death card. Really makes me think that there not taking the Death card literally which means "change", but that actual death will be involved.

11. Dave/Alli: I think these two are adorable. I'm glad we'll at least see Dave in another storyline with this. I have a feeling I'll grow to love these two. They can be the JT/Manny that actually works well together. Poor guy though looks like he'll kind of give up once Drew enters the picture.

12. Drew/Alli: Not automatically in love with it, but it could be interesting. I really want to see how the Dave/Alli/Drew triangle all plays out though.

13. Fiona gets abused: :(((( Aw... Poor Fiona. I love Fiona so this makes me sad, but at the same thing I'm glad she's getting an important issue covered and we'll be seeing her more. Really wonder who's abusing her. Some people think it'll be a new boyfriend of hers (some guessed Fitz). I have one theory that many won't like I'm not too fond of it either... but what if it's Declan >_< It could explain why he's not there... But, ah!! I don't really want to see that! It'd be too sad! I love the twins!!

Some people also think that maybe she's doing it to herself or faking it. That'd also be an interesting route to see. A lot of people do weird things for attention...

14. The Wheel: A great ending. Crushes, Loss, Seduction, Danger, Secrets, Lies, Betrayal, Love, Lockdown. Where it stops.... nobody knows. The lockdown has me very interested! I've been waiting for a bomb threat storyline or something. I hope this lockdown one takes the cake and is as good as "Time Stands Still."
I wonder what kind of lockdown it'd be though. Intruder alert? I wouldn't mind that. Planned school shooting with multiple people? I really wouldn't mind a shooting storyline to be done again if it's done differently. Like if multiple shooters are involved and the situation had been planned out. They'd probably hold some student's hostage too. I think this might be where Clare and Eli are involved. They could be hostages. I'd actually like all the niners (well sophomores then) to be held hostage. Imagine Clare, Eli (though maybe he'll be a junior?), KC, Jenna, Connor, Dave, Alli, Wesley and Adam all trapped together. Could be an interesting situation. I at least want Clare and Eli to be involved. Add in KC and I'll be in love with this episode. Anyone have any theories with this?

Also I think Declan could be involved with this plotline maybe? Annie (Fiona) did say there was a reason he wasn't in it. Could he be involved with the lockdown too?

This video definitely has me so excited for season 10! And once it starts airing in the summer we get it 4 days a week!! <3 Ah I can't wait!!! (I'll try to post more soon. Summer's a commin! Summer's a commin!)

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bakyura.: i'm kind of cool;;pleuvoir on May 28th, 2010 11:57 pm (UTC)
I was honestly hoping for incestual relations with Fiona and Declan. But an abuse storyline might be interesting. As for him doing a shooting or something, I don't see it happening. Unless Holly J breaks up with him and it makes him even more of a wreck than that other chick. Now THAT should happen.

I honestly see Sav getting death threats from Holly maybe? Like he dodges death.

When they said new episodes of Degrassi all summer long I was like, "YES! I GET NEW DEGRASSI ON MY BIRTHDAY!" Well, my birthday is in the week when they air, but not on the actual day. /cries
Moe: Mikan- Yay!!meroko14 on May 29th, 2010 12:04 am (UTC)
I was hoping Degrassi would go there too. But, maybe just maybe we'll see Fiona crushing on Declan at least? There's got to be some reason why she's so bitter towards Holly J! Or maybe she's warning Holly J that if she breaks Declan's heart Declan will snap like that? O_o I really have no idea what's going on with the twins. I'm hoping it'll be explained in the movie.
The movie could help explain if my twin abusing theory could be right. I'd rather have the love then the abuse though >_>

lol! I just wonder what she has on him! Definitely looks like it'll be something he doesn't want to be revealed. I really hope it's like that and not them becoming a couple.

:( Well you get a lot of Degrassi episodes leading up to your b-day at least! :D It's going to be a great Degrassi filled summer! I am PUMPED!! 48 episodes bring it!!
bakyura.: warmth in the winter;;pleuvoir on May 29th, 2010 12:09 am (UTC)
It definately would explain it. Maybe with the movie we'll get to know more about Declan's past relationship and see where it actually took him. Being in a rut for six months isn't cutting it for me.

Maybe revenge for Anya? I doubt it, but it could be a possibility? I just want Anya and Sav to get back together now. ;___;

I'M READY FOR SO MUCH DEGRASSI. Is Clare going to keep her hair like she does now, or wear a wig? I love the way her hair is now tbh.
Moe: KC/Clare- What have you done?meroko14 on May 29th, 2010 12:17 am (UTC)
Yes! I really hope they go into the twins past more! Especially the way Fiona was like "oh god. I don't want to deal with him heartbroken again..."

I wonder if it could tie into Anya becoming two-faced? I honestly have no idea how that's going to happen @_@ I didn't really care for Sanya together, but if their both heading down these paths their probably better off together. I think they might get together later on though once they have break from each other for awhile. It kind of hinted at that with the latest "Forgetting Sav Bhandari" mini.

YES!!! Aislinn (Clare) said on her twitter that she's going to have her short hair for season 10. They were going to work it into season 10. I loved Aislinn's long hair, it was really pretty in the last episode. But, I like how she styles it short too. The stylist should really just let her do her own hair, lol
Nekoshoujo: EClare > FATEDnekoshoujo223 on June 6th, 2010 04:11 pm (UTC)
Late reply is late ;_;
I am in agreement with you on a lot of your speculation.

Holly/Sav- Yup! I don't mind that either especially since this probably her last season ;_; But I'm curious what she could be holding over Sav. I'm wondering if the Sav/Declan friendship will come into play here. I think it would be great if this brought out her edgy side again. She's going soft. (I blame Declan). I'm not sure I'd want S7 Holly back just a more balanced Holly J.

Chantay- I totally did think to connect her to the Holly J/Sav storyline, but that makes sense. I wonder what her part is?

Fitz/Dave/Connor/Wesley- I kinda like Fitz so I'm glad he's back. And I like Dave leading the dork squad but I don't want him to get stuck in that role. I miss Dave/KC a lot and I think they had potential to be rulers of the school in a few years. That said I loved Connor/Wesley backing him up when he went to kiss Riley. I'm also hoping we'll see some Clare/Dave scenes. Maybe Dave trying to win over Alli will be the thing that creates that opportunity.

Clare/Eli- O-M-G! Those two had more chemistry in 10 seconds than KC/Jenna had for all of S9. I think that says a lot. I get the feeling Eli will be one of my favorite characters. I'm curious to see these two together. But I hate to say I already ship them! I hope they're just as good next season. Ais said things get crazy for Clare this year and no doubt Eli plays a big part in that~ I think their storyline will be one of the biggest ones (probably along with Adam's and Fiona's storylines)

I want a suicide! But I don't want it to be Eli. I already love him too much! Someone suggested Darcy could die which would tie up some loose ends and be a good storyline for both Clare and Peter. But the writers said they left the door open for Darcy to make an appearance so maybe not. Too many things this one could be!
I'm with you on them taking the card at face value. This promo was about heavy symbolism not research.

Riley v. Drew- Very excited for this! I really like that jock side of Riley so like you I'm excited to see storylines that are different from his sexuality. Especially because based on filming spoilers I think a connection between Riley and Alli will be interesting. It seems like Drew/Alli/Riley/Zane have storylines together. For that reason and the fact we probably won't see much Peter this season, I'd like it if Drew and Riley were friends.
Also I'm 100% with you on Riley's hair~ So adorable!

Drew/Alli/Dave- Like I said above. If Drew helps make some connections between Alli and the upperclassmen I think it could be interesting. But I still like Dave/Alli. But I think its good they aren't just going to hook up. I think these two are better with a slow development and having Drew get in the way could be better for them in the long run. Kinda like how JT dating Manny just made the wait for Jiberty all the more satisfying.

Adam- That was exactly my interpretation. I think we're right on this one. Makes me wonder what Adam's birth name might be...
But I think Jordan is going to help smooth over whatever slip ups the writers will inevitably make. Adam and Eli are the newbies I'm most excited for!

Jenna- So badly hoping its not an STD because you know how KC will find out about that right... >.> But I'm still holding on to Sam saying that after the coach things between them were rather platonic. Maybe he was kidding but I'm really hoping he isn't. But I'm so excited for their break up. They have to break up! Even better if its early on in the season! I would love if Jenna's secret was that she was a lesbian and didn't realize till she met Bianca. But will that happen? Probably not. Will that stop me from shipping them? Probably not.

KC- He really does need to be single for awhile. But the writers will probably hook him up with Bianca *sigh* I'd rather see him trying to figure things out on his own or trying to win Clare back. But on the bright side Bianca/KC couldn't possibly be worse than Jenna/KC right...

Anya- Yeah, I didn't expect that. I can totally see it connecting to Sav. But I'm kinda tired of Sanya so in a way I hope that's not the case. I'm thinking this means she'll be S10's queen bee (like Mia was in S8).

Nekoshoujo: EClare > FATEDnekoshoujo223 on June 6th, 2010 04:11 pm (UTC)
I write too much...
Bianca - Yeah, I'm not that excited for her character right now. I like the idea of Bianca/Jenna but I know that won't happen *sigh* (but I mean maybe- she does make boyfriends disappear). I don't want Holly J/Declan to break up but I can't help but connect Bianca making boyfriends disappear and Declan well... disappearing. As for KC/Bianca. I really don't want that to happen. But it probably will. *sigh*

Fiona- I am so looking forward to this! I think it will be a new abusive relationship. Fiona has trouble connecting to people so I feel like if she met someone she could really connect to she might have trouble leaving them even if they were hurting her. Especially since Declan and Holly J are so smoochy. She might be trying to fill a void if she and Declan aren't as close as they used to be. I don't think its Declan but I'm curious what part Declan will play. I think it would be nice if we saw a Fiona/Holly J friendship come out of this storyline somehow.

SO SO SO excited for the lockdown! I agree about the shooting. If they do it again it should be how you described. Multiple shooters, hostage situation etc. I also thing Clare/Eli would be involved. I'd love even more if somehow Clare/Eli and KC were involved. I could see the three of them trapped together. Or Eli gets shot and KC find Clare trying to help then. It could be interesting because if they were held hostage or something it would create a bit of a risk factor (like he's going to die if they don't get him help soon). That could be what the death card is. A risk of death.

I have to say. I think this promo is a sign that this is going to be one of the best seasons not just for the new cast but for Degrassi in general. Best part is, we don't have that long to wait now!