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15 August 2009 @ 12:23 pm
Degrassi Goes Hollywood + Season 9 Promos  
Just saw the Degrassi Goes Hollywood movie online (I hate not having The-N sometimes). It was just meh to me.

*SPOILERS* It wasn't as bad as I thought I'd be though. I didn't like Paige's plot. Too corny, unrealistic and predictable to me. I kinda like that it ended with Paige and Marco's friendship still broken. We already know Marco will make an appearance in season 9 and it was hinted that Paige will make one too. So I bet more will be addressed then.

Ellie's plot was okay. I really liked that they brought her dad back so we didn't have to get choked with Crellie the whole time. Even now I still don't like the pairing. Did they even become official or not? Ellie did say something like "we'll always have L.A. or something" I dunno I honestly wasn't paying too much attention. But, I'm gonna say no. The CRUSH does not need to happen ever....

Manny's of course was my favorite and Cassie's acting was great! And now I'm kinda glad they didn't have a plot leading up to her dating her Professor Mick cause I hated him. I didn't even mind Studz being there, except Mia. She really had NO point of being there what-so-ever. I mean ditch her modeling AND kid to run off to follow her boyfriend to LA? Oh yea, she's mother-of-the-year. And boy does she have Peter whipped... if he couldn't even tell her it was an all guys trip and he didn't want her to go. I'm definitely still anti-Pia. But, it did have one couple I did like!! Janny!!! :D Yes I am still a fan of them! And am so glad that they got back together!! Since Stephen mentioned Jay and Manny being in the studio at the same time I hope they have some scenes together in season 9! (Is still secretly hoping that Jay gets bumped up to regular again). *END SPOILERS*

It took me awhile to get through the movie. I had to stop a few times because I was more interested in season 9 spoilers. Speaking of season 9.... I'm excited!!! I can't wait for the episodes to air in Sept (so I can download and watch them online XD I can't help it I'm impatient).

I liked the little promos they have us. But, I thought there was going to be a Fiona one too according to Stefan's twitter. Hm... maybe it'll air later? I wanna know more about her character!!

Here are the promos in HQ and my comments! :)

*I spy Pia... ew
*I spy Spane!! Aw!! But, why does it look like their gonna break up!? Ah! And why does Spinner need to reassure her he loves her? I'm gonna take a wild guess and say they get the A-plot in 904: Close To Me.
*I spy KC pissed.
*I spy Holly J in a car with her hair down now.
*I spy Jane and Holly J high fiving. Aw... I think it'd be cool if they become friends. But, the next promo might throw that out of whack....

"Holly J's gonna have a killer season."
"Spinner's good."
Yea. Anyone else see Spolly J in the future now? Which I like, but I also like the other two couples too. I wonder what could cause a Blue J and Spane breakup=Spolly J.

A Sav promo. That is all. I do like the Nick button though.

Melinda also said in her twitter that Spinner, Holly J, Sav and Alli all went to New York for promos. And so did Riley, Alli, Sav, Holly J, Peter, KC and Clare another time. She said they were shooting promos for TeenNick so I hope we get more! (They shot all the others in Canada below. The two I just showed where shot in New York). We now have Sav and Spolly J one. I hope we see the other ones soon!! I want a Klare one dang it!! Maybe they'll air later!

*Hm.. wonder what Alli got herself into.
*Peter: "This is where I get high." Someone's not taking abandonment well.
*Dave: "This is where I get her digits." Yea. I lol at that part. Guess that's all we know about that character. Wonder who he goes after, he definitely looks like a niner.
*Holly J: "This is where I'll get back at that bitch." I think she's refering to Jenna. Jenna's actress mentioned on her twitter that she had "fun" scenes with Holly J. I already don't Jenna if she's going to mess with two of my fave female characters (Clare and Holly J).
*Clare: "This is where I found my one true love." Happy aw.
*Jane: "And where I could lose mine." Sad aw... :(

Yay for clips of actual scenes!!
*Great. I bet Jenna betrays Alli's secret whatever it is....
*Wonder what/who's locker Clare, Alli and Jenna are looking into.
*KC trashing the lockerroom. Do like. I can only see him doing that for two reasons. One a Klare breakup. Two Reese pushes his buttons to hard. I'm hoping it's number two, Reese needs to play a bigger role. I also think this is the A-plot of 903: Shoot To Thrill. Sounds like a basketball episode to me. I want a KC-Reese fight!!
*Peter freaking out. I believe it's Jay, Spinner, Danny and Sav yelling out to him. Man if he gets hit by a car krama really is striking back on these days (ex. Spinner getting shot).

"I just wanna make you cry."
I do love that line, but I thought she'd become nicer. Guess we were all wrong, lol. Can't wait to see who pushed her buttons. According to Melinda (Alli) on her twitter: "anyone know where i can find the promo of me and charlotte beating eachother up? " Looks like it's Alli. Though I wouldn't be surprised if Jenna pisses her off later on since they have scenes together.

Woah. Man whore alert! Really wasn't expecting that! But, hey? It is realistic! Delcan's definitely a lot different then I thought he'd be. I really wonder what his sister Fiona is like. I mean having a brother like that? I bet he scared away all of her girl friends. I really hope she has Society Anxiety Disorder to something.
Let's placed bets on the girl he goes after! My money's on Holly J. I would say Anya, but she's not that aggressive.... yet. Or even Jane maybe. Clare and Alli are also possible targets if he ends up being a sophomore. I really want to know his grade. I don't think he's a niner. I'm pretty sure he'll be a sophomore or junior.

This screams sexting plot!! And it better be or I'll be mad XD It's an issue they really need to cover.

Aw... Clare looks pretty. But, poor Clare. Now we know what her rivally's gonna be about. My money's on Jenna. She and Delcan definitely seem like the backstabbers Stephen mentioned on his twitter. I don't care if Jenna does go after KC as long as he disses her and doesn't like her back I'm fine with it. If he really liked Clare's rival back it'll be so OOC that I'll have a WTF look on my face for awhile. Plus Klare's supposed to get a "mindblowing" two-parter (911/912: Heart Like Mine), which I hope is more about KC's past. If the "mindblowing" thing is KC cheats, I'll be really pissed cause that's not "mindblowing" that's just annoying. When they say "mindblowing" I want something like KC's past to blow up in his face or a bomb threat, stalking, something!!

And the next promo does lead me to believe it's about his past luckily!

Yes! Thankfully this one hints a lot that his plot will be about his past. Now we can finally learned what he did!!

Yea. Peter's definitely going downhill. Bet that's the main reason why Mrs. H comes back.

I thought Stefan said Fiona was in a promo too? I guess it'll air later..... Oh well, we'll see!

That's all I have to say for now XD

Basically if you don't watch this show you might want to get on it, lol.


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Nekoshoujo: kc -:- minor niner lovenekoshoujo223 on August 15th, 2009 10:21 pm (UTC)
Yeah, My stance on the movie was pretty much the same. I really liked Manny's bit and I was surprised when I realized just how much I had missed her. I love Janny too! Jay was awesome as usual.
I couldn't believe Mia managed to fix the bus, when Jay's a trained mechanic... That whole thing was too random. And honestly Mia did not need to be in the movie. Pointless.
But I was kinda glad to see Alli's little cameo. I thought that was cute and went well with her always popping up in S8.
I really liked the music. I love Cassies's voice and I always thought it was a shame she didn't really get to sing in the show.
I had forgotten I liked Marco so much in the friend role.
For me the Ellie's father bit was a really nice surprise. I love that the writters are remembering things again ^_^

The Season 9 promos were a lot more exciting than the movie! It really just made my day.
I think season 9 is going to be good. I think (on fanforum was it?) someone said S9 was the new s3, and I have to agree.
Love the promos, sure not a lot of scenes, but very interesting. And they set a serious tone of the season. I liked how they all had different music to fit whatever they're going through. It was nice!

I'm finding myself oddly excited about Peter this season. I didn't think I would. But I think he could end up having an awesome season. He could get pretty boring in S8 so I think this could be great for him. Plus this might mean we actually get a real Peter plot that doesn't involve a relationship. Also if it is drugs, that could mean we actually get a real drugs plot (not barely there Craig's coke habit or pot for the 1000th time). I'm hoping that this is a season long plot whatever the real issue is.

These promos give me so much more hope for Klare! I think I could like the triangle more than I thought and it could even be a good thing for Klare.
Stefan said: "all I can say about KC and Clare is that every relationship has its.... ups and downs and... temptations to be faced..." on twitter.
It makes me thing that KC and Clare will get through this even if something happens with KC and Jenna.
Honestly it sounds like KC has a lot more to worry about than being in a love triangle ^_^
I love the Clare promo. Her expression at the end is just perfect! I think that the Jenna situation could end up giving Clare even more depth and bring up all the insecurities she has so that maybe she can actually get over them.
I think it is way too cute that Clare and KC called each other boyfriend and girlfriend. awww.
But Clare's "one true love" comment was for sure the cutest of them all. (Although Dave's bit makes me laugh everytime!)

Oh Declan! I already love him. I didn't think he'd be a womanizer, but I think this could really work. I wonder who he'll be after.

The Holly J one was interesting. She could be going back to her mean girl roots, but it just might have to do with whoever backstabbed her. If it's Jenna... well she's on everyone bad side.

I get the feeling we'll get more promos later on probably for Fiona and Dave.

(wow, I didn't mean to write so much!)
Moe: Degrassi: TNG- Klare! <3meroko14 on August 16th, 2009 03:23 am (UTC)
Yea!! The Janny's scenes were so cute!! I hope to see some more of this couple in season 9 :)
I loved Alli and Spinner's little cameo. "I used to date her!!" lol. Oh Spinner we love you XD
Mia was pointless and I'm even more glad she's leaving now! :D
Yes. I loved that they brought Ellie's father up again. Only took them 4 years later... is that how long it'll be till we find out if Paige has HIV? Hopefully we get a little something in season 9 addressing that.

I really think I'm going to like Peter's breakdown. i loved how he was lying to himself in the promo and the music XD Definitely looks like his plot will be fun. And dare I say, no girlfriend! *gasp*

haha, I asked that question again. I'm slowly hawking info out of them >:D But, yea it does make it seem and hint that Klare will make it through.
Have you heard the old 90's song He Love U Not by Dream? I think that's almost exactly what's going to happen. Jenna's probably going to kiss KC, but I don't think anything's going to come from it. Just can't see KC falling for Clare's rival (the scheming shank, lol) and it'll only make the Klare relationship stronger and Clare can hopefully become less insecure if she sees that he doesn't fall for that.
Plus yea, KC looks like he has other things on his mind XD I seriously think he's going to diss Jenna and that's when she probably gets pissed and ends up embarrassing Clare.
Clare' promo's probably my fave. Plus she looks really pretty in it. I still bet Reese might play a card in this.
I loved when they called each other that. We can definitely confirm their a couple now!
I know! Clare's in puppy love and it's so cute. (I love Dave's. It'll look like he'll be a fun, goofy guy).

He's definitely way different then I thought! XD But, he'll definitely be a great addition. Wonder who is victim is too....

I think it's Alli, Holly J's pissed at actually, Melinda just twittered about a promo that she didn't know hasn't aired yet.
"anyone know where i can find the promo of me and charlotte beating eachother up? haha the n website doesnt work for me since im canadian eh?"
I still wonder what the "fun" scenes are between Holly J and Jenna. Maybe Jenna is bitch #2 in Holly J's book XD

That's also a TeenNick promo from when they went to New York. Since Sam and Aislinn went too I bet a Klare promo will come soon! :D Jamie and Argy went too, so I'm secretly hoping for a Piley promo too! XD

Stefan said Fiona was in one so we should definitely be getting one for her.... sometime.... lol.
Nekoshoujo: kc -:- minor niner lovenekoshoujo223 on August 20th, 2009 07:46 pm (UTC)
haha, awesome! You're like an agent for the people (or at least the fandom) ^_^
oh, I can see that. The lyrics for that song fit well. And I think you're right. Hopefully they'll both probably have more confidence in their relationship after that. I'm hoping this Clare/Jenna drama will be more toward the beginning of the season (just to ease my worry over possibility of Jenna/KC). But poor Clare. I hope Jenna doesn't do anything too extreme...
I think 911-912 will be about KC's past and Clare & KC dealing with that instead of the Clare/KC/Jenna triangle. I'm mostly assuming KC's plot in 910 (probably the B-plot) leads up to this. Since it seems strange to have two KC-related episodes back to back otherwise (cosidering one is a two-parter). I do think "Heart Like Mine" was a great title for a Klare episode. The lyrics fit them so well.
But I'm not counting Reese out of anything either >.<
The Clare promo was the best for sure! Just too cute.
haha, yeah. If there was any doubt about Klare, these promos certainly cleared that up.

Good question. I kinda figured he'd go for Anya, but it's not like she has much of an attitude, just a boyfriend. I can't see Jane getting involved with a guy like him either. Maybe Holly J- but she already has Blue and her feelings for Spinner to worry about.

oh good point. Well if that's the case Alli, Jenna, & Holly J are probably getting their own plot for 911/912. I could see Alli and Jenna doing something together that could get Holly J mad at them. I can't wait to see that promo though ^_^
I'm a little worried about how this possible Alli/Jenna friendship could effect Alli and Clare's friendship. I loved their scenes together in S8, I don't want Jenna messing all that up.

I really hope so! Klare and Piley how can you go wrong there?! Those will probably air soon since the switch over is next month.

Hopefully soon.
Actually at the very end of the "It's about to get real promo. I think it's Fiona. Obviously not the speaking part. But when the yellow square appears you see flashes of the other characters including one with dark curly hair... Probably Fiona. I'm betting they'll play the Dave one this Friday since it seems like a one time fluke that they played it early. So maybe Fiona will be next week.
Moe: Degrassi: TNG- Klare! <3meroko14 on August 20th, 2009 09:51 pm (UTC)
haha, I try! I'm currently trying to get him to tell us what grades the new characters are in! He didn't answer... gr. I'll try again!! I really want to know what grade the Coyne siblings are in and confirm their twins.

Me too. I thought I hated the possibilty of KC/Alli, but I already hate the idea of KC/Jenna or should I say KC/Scheming Shank, lol. I really don't see that happening though thank god!!

Yea. Jenna was on set when they were shooting 909/910. But, she said she had scenes with Holly J who we know is in the A-plot of 909. So looks like there not in the same episode then! Yay! And Stefan said KC had scenes with him and Mrs. H so yea that really does lean more towards his past for the episode. And I do think it's a b-plot to leading up to the two-parter too.
And we know KC/Clare have scenes in 911/912 too, so it really does seem to me be more about an episode of Klare facing KC's past. Which I'd rather have. I'm sure that's more mindblowing then another triangle, lol.
PLUS!! Marco's somehow going to be in it. Adamo was there shooting scenes when they did those episodes! No idea how he fits in though. But he wrote:
"At Degrassi waiting to shoot my final scene of the day. Episode is cute & my wardrobe is wick. Patent leather kicks, bow ties and skinnies.5:20 PM Jul 21st from web"
He called it cute. Klare's cute, so I'm hoping it's that he's refering too XD
Yes! Never count Reese out! ;D

I really have no clue who he's going after, though it really looks like Jane for some reason. She has everything he listed though she just doesn't seem like the type of girl he'd go after. But, I remember Spinner, Jane and Declan all did a podcast together. i thought it was weird that Declan did one with them.
"Watching Paula (Jane), Shane(Spinner) and Landon ( our new guy Declan) doing a podcast. http://yfrog.com/10jfzj "

Ah!! There's just too many girls to chose from! If he's a sophomore then we can't rule Clare and Alli out either @_@

Yea. It's definitely Alli, Holly J's pissed at. Though Jenna might piss her off later on. I really think Jenna's going to backstab Alli's secret so I don't see them staying friends. I think it might be more of a Alli vs. Jenna vs. Holly J. That'd be intense XD
Plus I think the Alli/Clare friendships safe. They were shooting scenes together for 913 or 914.
I love Clare's shirt! XD

Yes!! I want those two promos!!! XD I hope we get them soon!!

Yea I've seen that. It's not Jane or Clare so that leaves Fiona. It looks like Annie Clark too. Can't wait for her promo!! If you see it let me know what she says!! lol. Thanks!! :D

Oh and Samantha Munro has a twitter now according to Melinda!
Nekoshoujo: kc -:- minor niner lovenekoshoujo223 on August 21st, 2009 08:22 pm (UTC)
haha, don't give up! I really want to know what grade they'll be in too. We could really use a new character/episode description press release. Hoping CTV will release one after the movie airs in Canada.

Somehow the idea of JennaXKC already bothers me more than AlliXKC. (KC/Scheming Shank XD)But I think your right. Although I wonder if KC is going to be aware of Jenna's crush on him from the beginning, or if Clare will realize it first... honestly I have so many questions about this plot.

Good point! I forgot they were shooting in blocks like that. Wow, Jenna seems to be getting involved with everyone.

Right and at least one of their scenes in 911/912 is them alone together. I think this two are the episodes I'm most looking forward too.
Marco's in this one too... I'm not sure how he would fit in with Klare, but maybe he was just talking about them. It's funny I wouldn't think Cute and Mindblowing would go together.

oh interesting. Although I guess it doesn't mean they'll have plots together just because of the podcast. But it might. I'm not going to rule out some kind of Declan-Jane involvement. But I don't think I could get into that ship. I know we don't know much about Declan yet, but from his promo I just have trouble picturing him with Jane.

I certainly wouldn't rule Alli out, but Clare already seems to have so much relationship trouble going on. I wonder how added Declan to all of it would work out. It would be chaotic I bet.

Okay I'll keep an eye out! I'm still hoping it'll air tonight.

haha, twitter is spreading on the Degrassi set. Without it we would know so little about S9. It's amazing.
Moe: Degrassi: TNG- Klare like a fairytale!meroko14 on August 21st, 2009 08:46 pm (UTC)
I'll try!

Yea. I don't like KC/Alli still, but I already don't like KC/Jenna (I just really don't think I can approve of a relationship with him with a scheming shank). I'm wondering that too. I think Clare will notice first and KC will become aware later. I'm still secretly hoping for a stalking plot, lol.

Yea. I have no idea how Marco could fit with any of the characters Stephen listed KC, Clare, Alli, Jenna, Holly J, Declan, Fiona, lol. He doesn't know any of them! "It's funny I wouldn't think Cute and Mindblowing would go together." THAT was the exact same thing I was thinking!!! XD I'm secretly hoping something mindblowing happens, but it ends with Klare on a cute note maybe? lol. I can hope! XD

Yea. I just can't see him and Jane either! But, I really don't know what girl to pick. Anya doesn't seem to work plus she and Sav are getting an intense plot around 915/916. I don't see Declan waiting that long. Holly J looks like somethings going on with her and Spinner. And it could be Clare. Declan will be in 911/912. I've read a lot of comments and a lot of people want it to be Clare so that KC will defend Clare and punch Declan out, lol. I wouldn't mind that actually. I don't see Sav defending Anya very well, look how Riley went, lol.
Poor Klare. They look like so much will be going on including KC's past. And yet I really do think they'll make it through XD

AJ's doing a live broadcast right now with two of his friends. He said he'll try to do one with Melinda, Aislinn and Sam E. If he can! Definitely going to watch that! I'm also pretty sure I heard him say the three of them were on set today. Which is a good sign. Since Johnny and Alli are on set too and now Klare for 915 or 916. Good sign for both the couples!

Yes!! Please do!! Poor people like me don't have the-n and have to wait :(

haha, I know!! I really hope Aislinn and Sam E. get one next! I'd have a lot of questions for them! XD
TKpink_tentacles on August 16th, 2009 12:58 am (UTC)
Aw man I missed most of the movie yesterday :c but I dunno if I'm actually going to sit down and watch the rest online though...

Anyway yes season 9 <3333 I can't wait |3
Moe: Degrassi: TNG- Klare! <3meroko14 on August 16th, 2009 03:28 am (UTC)
Yay!! Another Degrassi LJ friend!! XD

Yea. It's basically just meh. It took me forever to watch it online XD Only liked it for the Janny scenes (if you like them), Ellie's father and the Marco/Paige friendship downfall.

But, season 9 looks awesome!! :DD Can't wait for September now! <3
ordinary_em4ordinary_em4 on August 24th, 2009 12:55 pm (UTC)
hey, i was just wondering what link you used to watch the movie online? cause i don't have the N and really want to watch the movie, if you could please send me the link, i would really appreciate it, btw love ur blog, it was a good read.
Moe: Degrassi: TNG- Klare! <3meroko14 on August 24th, 2009 04:10 pm (UTC)
Hey!! Yea here are the links where you can watch it!


Enjoy!! :) Thanks!! Glad you like it!
Nekoshoujo: kc -:- minor niner lovenekoshoujo223 on August 27th, 2009 05:38 am (UTC)
I am so looking forward to Jalli in S9. It seems like they're really doing a lot. And sounds like we might actually get to see more of Johnny's perspective as well. At least I hope so~

So many possibilities! Sounds like this two parter will be amazing. I think your right about Declan & Fiona. I just don't see Holly J being involved with them based on what we know now.
Although lately I've been wondering what kind of role she may play in the Spinner-Jane-Declan situation. I'm wondering if she finds out about them and tells Spinner or maybe confronts Jane about it. Total guess, but maybe. And I had a lot of hope for a Holly J/Jane friendship after the promo of them high five-ing.
Me too. I'm crossing my fingers.

Whoa! I want to see that! It's been too long since we saw a good girl fight at Degrassi! I could definately see something like that going on between Alli and Holly J (especially with Melinda's hinting about that promo...) and everyone getting involved. I still can't picture Clare in a fight. It's such a funny thought. But her getting sort of dragged into it like that makes a lot of sense. ah, Please Degrassi writers let something like this be the case!

This makes a lot of sense too. I'm secretly hoping that Jenna has some kind of friendship with Holly J. But poor Holly J, getting backstabbed. Although I'm still curious how they get Holly J back to her old ways. Even if she got all her money back and everything I would hope she would have at least learned something in the end.

"He and Jenna seem like sneaky characters who avoid fighting."
^ It's so true. I'm already hoping they get taken down a peg or two.
haha, so true. There just weren't any good fights in S8.

wow, really? Well I haven't seen them yet. But I am surely keeping an eye out. I'm wondering if the Holly J/Alli one is one they shot in NY or like the "its about to real" promo.

I think Fiona and Sav are only two "one-on-one" type promos left. But certainly there should be more Teen Nick ones coming out soon.
At least there's only 3 more days till the movie airs on CTV, so hopefully we'll have a bunch of new info after that.